Swiss Bound Tattoo

Swiss Bound Tattoo



12 Jan 2022

Booking mid March now...

Thanks to my awesome clients I'm booking mid March now :) thanks everyone !!
5 Oct 2021

New schedule!!

New I will only tattoo Monday to Thursday and Saturdays.

Fridays and Sundays will be my days off.

Thanks for understanding :) 

6 Jun 2020

I'm booking for July now !! Hmu

Big thanks to all my clients, I really appreciate you coming to Jeffersonville to get tattooed by me. I love you guys :)
12 May 2020

I'm back in business !!

Finally I'm able to book appointments for June. 

I will be located in Jeffersonville :)

See you then

9 May 2020
Safety procedures after Lock Down
Safety procedures after Lock Down
8 May 2020

Move to Jeffersonville Ohio.

We will move to Jeffersonville Ohio at the end of this month. So whenever this virus is over, and I'm able to get back to work, I will be located in Jeffersonville Ohio to do tattoos.

Take care everyone, hope to see you again soon...

16 Mar 2020


Due to the Corona virus, I won't be doing Tattoos until further notice.

Thanks for understanding.